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GHC lets me be me.

And now, GHC Lets me be free.

Starting in January, GHC members will have the largest primary care provider network in Dane County!

GHC members are in network at any primary care clinic they choose – at UW clinics, Meriter clinics, and of course, GHC clinics. That’s 38 options in all.

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Best-in-class primary care from GHC.
World-class specialty care from UW Health.
Have both and be free.

If you’ve always wanted to join GHC but didn’t want to change your doctor, now you can have it all and you could save more than $500* per year!

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Expanded Network

Introducing the most flexible network design in southern Wisconsin healthcare history. Explore our HMO Network of over 300 Primary Care Providers and 38 clinics. See the Network Map. Or review the Provider Directory

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GHC NurseConnect

GHC NurseConnect is staffed 24/7/365 to answer your questions and help you plan your next steps.
Get general care advice for a cough, cold, fever, flu, sore throat and more.

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With virtuwell®, get care anytime, anywhere with our 24/7 online clinic. Get better faster and save a trip to the clinic. Get a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription for over 60 common conditions.

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The GHC Experience GuaranteeSM

If you have an experience at a GHC clinic that fails to meet your expectations in any way, tell us about it, and at your request, we’ll give you a FREE refund. No questions asked.

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Access to UW Specialists

We know you want access to the best specialty care. That’s why GHC partners with the best specialists in Southern Wisconsin to provide exceptional care when you need it most.

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Virtual Care at GHC

GHC knows that getting sick stinks. When I need to see my doctor, I can schedule it in hours, not weeks.  Or I can get a visit online anytime. GHC lets me be me. GHC Telehealth Options

Whole Person
GHC knows there’s more to me than my body. GHC’s traditional care, non-traditional medicine and wellness programs take care of all of me. GHC lets me be me.

That’s what makes GHC and me Better Together.

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*Based on It’s Your Choice published 2022 rates for WPEG and employee contributions.